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Race Street Baptist Church/Martha E. Forrester Home


One block east of here at the corner of Franklin and Race Streets stands Martha E. Forrester's home. A retired teacher, Martha E. Forrester was among one of six African-American women who founded the Council of Colored Women in 1920. The Council advocated for improved schools for children and was instrumental in improving the Farmville Training School as well as in lobbying for the construction of the Robert Russa Moton High School, opened in 1939.

One block west of here at the corner of Franklin and Hill Streets stands Jericho Baptist Church, formerly called Race Street Baptist Church, founded in 1894. During the 1960s, the congregation supported the Rev. Griffin's leadership and civil rights activities. In 1967, the church was forced to relocate from its original location on the east side of Race Street between Redford and Franklin Streets to Hill Street when Longwood College used eminent domain to expand its campus.

An image of Martha E. Forrester
Photo: Beatrice White

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